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The rash guard shirt was originally developed for surfers who were getting rashes from the wax on their surf boards. The wax would hold sand from the beach and then they might be rubbing their torsos on the wax as they paddled out to the break. Rash guards are now manufactured from fabrics that hold high UPF factors, most of them are fifty+. This is about the most effective protection that you’ll get from the Sun’s damaging rays, wanting staying inside in the primary place. The primary benefit of the shirt is that there are not any “missed spots” as there are with sun lotion. The rash guards are fast drying, therefore they are terribly snug to wear for long periods of your time. Once a child starts to wear one at the beach, it simply becomes second nature, like a life jacket, and the whole headache and worry of sunburn is gone (at least for the coated areas.

Other sports and activities have adopted the rash guard shirt into standard operating procedure moreover. In Karate, the shirt is worn underneath the Gi to prevent chafing from the stiff cotton uniform. In Grappling, most fighters currently wear the long sleeve rash guard shirt, as they make it a lot of difficult to know by the opponent. In yachting, professional crews currently wear the rash guard shirt as a standardized item during water sports as a result of they are quick drying and look abundant sharper than a wet T-Shirt.

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