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Bandeau swimsuits are one in every of the popular styles for 2-piece bathing suits right now, however it’s not the first time in any respect. Bandeaus, or stretchy, strapless material worn around a girl’s chest area are seen in murals that date all the approach back to the time of the Romans. Those 1st clothes were, of course, not designed for bathing or the beach. The bandeaus of these days are similar only in that they cowl the same space of the body. As a half of a swimsuit look, the forerunners to bandeau swimsuits can be found back within the 1940s. There wasn’t mush form or support, but all the revealed skin had an attraction beyond that of the suit itself. The stretchy materials like Spandex, that we use in therefore many product and designs these days, was unavailable at that time. One manner to stay the bandeau from slipping down was to attach a strap that would go around the neck rather than two shoulder straps.

By the Fifties the emphasis of the predecessor to the bandeau swimsuits was to indicate as a lot of midriff as doable, although it would not be nearly as a lot of skin as daring beach goers often show nowadays. The quality of material had improved some in 10 years, and the extra foundation offered higher shaping and support. Being totally strapless was not quite as risky because it had previously been. Nevertheless, these early styles offered a daring, attractive search for those brave enough to wear them, and were most likely received with nice appreciation by the male population at the beach and poolside.

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